One of the three or four photos that are ‘keepers’….

THE storms all seem to have died down and it’s a nice day outside.

I’m hoping to take some new promo photos later on, but first there’s work to be done.

Lesley heads off back to Edinburgh at lunchtime and I gather together some photo gear (flash remote triggers, stands, reflector etc) then carry on with some bits and bobs of work.

I’m keeping an eye on the light and want to try and time things so the sun is low enough not to interfere with the flash/strobes, but still not set so we can get some nice light on the loch, mountains and any clouds.

My plan is to take them at the old pier, but when we get there, the place is mobbed….I;ve not even seen so many folks out on a  sunny bank holiday weekend! What the hell’s going on?!?!

No point trying to set up photos here so we carry on to Rowardennan which is nice and quiet, but the light’s gone. I’m pissed because all the other conditions are perfect – dry and, more importantly, hardly any wind to send my beard flying in all directions. We set up and take a bunch of images anyway.

Back home I go through the pix and reject all but a dozen or so, then examine them more closely from a  technical point of view, retouch/adjust as necessary and then pick a couple we can likely use.

Then it;s time to go to our pals in Gartmore for dinner. We’ve both had a bit of a skinful over the last few days and I say to Margaret I;m happy to drive…but she’s OK to drive too so…..

We have a great night and top it all off with a couple of good drams. I’ll sleep well tonight.