ONCE I get some work out the way I clean the smoker out then try and fold the tangled and bust gazebo frame into some kind of manageable bundle.

Then it’s off to Glasgow. First stop, the dump to get rid of the ex-gazebo. Then the Hug & Pint to deliver posters for the show there on 10 February.

There’s some mail to be picked up at the mailbox and while I’m parked up in town I have a gander round Maplins. Some cool stuff in there.

Costco, Tesco and See Woo – in that order – then home. The traffic’s crazy and I’m a bit later than I’d hoped. Nevermind – once the shopping’s away we take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s for an extended aperitif then back home for some turkey leftovers. Have to say, the turkey is still pretty damn good..the benefits of smoking it 🙂