My first attempt at griddle pan waffles works out OK..

BREAKFAST is my first attempt at griddle pan waffles.

The streaky bacon is done in a hot oven with maple syrup while I make the waffle batter and prepare the griddle pan.

It all turns out good, but the waffle is a bit stodgy – maybe needs more cooking next time.

With it being New Year’s Day tomorrow I prepare my monthly eNewsletter and schedule it to go out automatically in the morning – you can read it here. I also send February’s gig dates out to some of the magazines and national media that need the info on a timely basis and have deadlines the first of the month before publication.

My iPhone’s out of space so it’s time to do my two/three-times yearly reset to flush out all the email stuff that doesn’t get deleted from the phone’s cache. Basicially a backup followed by a  factory reset then restore. Frees up three or four gigabytes every time!

Then it’s time ti go to Catriona’s. It’s Mikey’s birthday – he, Kimberly and Matty are already there when we arrive and Catriona’s made a big pot of chilli. We have a drink and eat then settle down and chat ’til I have to go outside and wait for the bell’s to be Catriona and Will’s first foot.

We stay up for a few hours after midnight and see the New Year well and truly in…