THIS Christmas and New Year lark has fairly scuppered my memory of what day it is. Ahhh…Monday, I think.

Poor Margaret’s suffering. Don’t think she realised how much she’d drunk last night. I leave her to sleep it off while I get on with some work.

An email from one of one of the national papers comes in asking if I’d be willing to do a wee lifestyle feature for them. Of course! They fire through the info and I diary it to be done tomorrow…we’re about to head out now. My eNewsletter must’ve landed at just the right moment to make them think of asking me 🙂

Betty and Joe stop by to chummy us along to neighbours further down the road and we spend a couple of pleasant hours drinking bubbly and snacking on rather nice nibbles at Donald and Ann’s.

Margaret’s feeling more like herself when we get home and tidies up while I prepare dinner for Martyn and Louise coming round. Vietnamese spring rolls and lemongrass, basil and lime tofu.We haven’t seen them since before Christmas and they got engaged on Christmas Eve and they’re going to be away for the next week or two, so this is the only chance we’ll get to get to catch up.