Uncharted territory on today’s walk!

FIRST job this morning is following up a potential funding idea for the new album. We’re skint, but if I don’t start moving on this it’ll be another year of promising a new album but not delivering.

A Newcastle date at The Cluny, originally planned for the beginning of April, has had to be moved because of ‘the possibility’ of a showcase-type event in Glasgow that demands applicant be free for an entire week. We’ve been unsuccessful the last few years, so there’s no reason to expect I’ll be included this time around, but it’s worth a try, Margaret’s managed to re-arrange the show for Thursday 27 April.

Some online merch orders need to be taken to the post office in the village. It’s a beautiful afternoon so I don my walking boots and go for a walk once I’ve got the stuff in the airmail.

When I get back, Margaret’s made a start on getting all the Christmas decorations and lights down – I give her a hand then update the Christmas card lists. Good to get all that stuff out the way ‘cos I never feel I’ve got back on track work-wise until it’s dealt with.

There’s a pile of receipts – household and work – that need sorted out and dealt with. 

After dinner I create some graphics around some photo work I’ve done in previous months and set up an Instagram account for the photography web project I’ve been working on but not really started to promote. Yet.