I WOKE up in the night realising that Margaret needs new business cards – not only does she have very few left, but the Buzz mailing address has changed.

So once the daily chores have been taken care of I get on the case. I thought it would take half an hour. Wrong!

We debate whether the card should have a QR code leading to a special download page? How many folks have a QR reader on their phone? Maybe it’ll just fuck up the design – that’s why I rarely put ’em on posters. Should we collect emails from those folks downloading promo stuff? In the end we ditch the QR code and decide that if folks need to submit their email address and then download something it;s probably too much bother…a simple link to my website should suffice.

In addition, we go for a complete redesign, then I go round a few places to get the best print price before selecting a printer and sending off the order and art. The whole damn task wasn’t even on today’s to-do list and has taken up most of the day!

There’s still lots of work needing archived and backed up, but there;s not much I can do until the new, additional hard drive I ordered arrives. Tomorrow? Saturday? Next week?

Although I’ve got the live shows we have confirmed so far up on my website, they still have to be submitted to the myriad of listings and other promo websites which puts paid to the rest of the afternoon and evening.