WE spend most of the morning discussing ideas and possibilities (or not) for the new album.

We don’t really come to any great conclusion and I end up spending a while investigating some of the technical considerations of recording live shows with no budget!

There’s been some weird stuff happening with the inside of my elbows since we got back form the ‘States. I’d been thinking it was pulled muscles, but it’s no better in two  months and off that the same thing is happening with both arms. I have an appointment with the doctor to have him check it out.

The doc seems happy there’s nothing major going on but makes an appointment for some blood tests in a week or two.

When I get back home I play guitar for a while then pack some stuff and drive over to Catriona and Will’s – they’re having a party tonight ‘cos Will was working over Christmas and New Year.

We have a brilliant night with family, friends and neighbours, finally hitting the hay sometime after 2am. Something  tells me Margaret’s gonna have a bad head in the morning!