Eleven external drives, plus the one in the computer, needing orgnanised. Noit including those in our MacBooks and the backup drives in the firesafe. Aaaaargh….

QUITE mild outdoors today as I go about the daily morning tasks – put out the rubbish, feed the birds, clean out the fire, chop wood…

The three terabyte hard drive I ordered form Amazon the other day has arrived and rather than sit and look at it, I get the bit between my teeth and head to the studio where ten other external hard drives – plus, of course, the internal one on the computer await organisation/backup and archiving attention.

I tried to make a start the other day, but all the other drives are so full, there’s no space left for manoeuvre. Think of one of those wee  games with a frame and square tiles in a frame with one space so you can slide them around to try and get the tiles in order – challenging enough, but impossible if the ‘frame’ is full of time without a gap. That’s what I was facing.

I last embarked on this kind of exercise a couple years ago, but logistics of needing to copy things onto whatever drive was handy at the time – especially if we were away on tour – combined with laziness on my part has meant that things have fallen into disarray.

While there is a helluva lot of data and files to be backed up and archived, the main archive drives are full because of my OCD backups of backups of backups approach in the past.

Once I’ve formulated a safe and reasonable new backup and archive strategy I spend the rest of the day exporting, filing and deleting stuff. The main culprit is my old photo software, Aperture – there were multiple backups of the ‘library’ which not only has all the raw images, but all the retouching and even the ‘rejected’ images from about 500 photoshoots. 

Aperture is now discontinued and I fear that eventually the ‘library’ will be unreadable by future photo applications. Also, I won’t need to work on any of the imges again, so I really only need to keep high quality JPEG versions.

The time-consuming task frees up over 500 gigabytes of hard drive space!

Sometime around 8pm Margaret appears at the studio door with a beer. I’ve been at this since midday. I drink the beer while I finish copying over some other files then head back to the house.

I’ll likely spend most of tomorrow trying to finish the job 🙁