IT’S been blowing a gale all night and we leave earlier than we need to to get into the east end of Glasgow in case there’s tree down or other other road hazards.

My call time for today’s filming on Tupperware Party as an extra is 7am. It’s a film from Mt.Hollywood Films written by Doctor Who star Karen Gillan who is also directing and appearing in the production.

It’s the usual process – check-in, breakfast, wardrobe check over then minibus to the location, a wekk-known pub in the east end.

I’m involved in various scenes throughout the day, but spend most of the time sitting in the minibus chatting with fellow extras – there’s no indoor ‘holding area’ on location.

It’s a long day and we finally wrap about 6.30pm and are taken back to base to complete paperwork. Margaret’s parked up nearby and we get up the road, have dinner and an early night.