That tree again! Darkness falls while I walk up the lochside…

PRIORITY this morning is a wee copywriting job for a local pal.

I’m hoping to include a quote from someone in the copy, but with my midday deadline and no word, I have to bash on regardless.

A couple of minutes before my midday deadline the phone rings and I get my quote. Yay! The piece is written and emailed off for approval.

After calling to appeal the parking ticket I got the other day I was directed to the Glasgow council website where I could, they said, submit my appeal online. Having followed the instructions the other night I found a downloadable .PDF appeal form, but no online form or way of submitting anything. Not even an email. 

I call the roads and parking helpline and sit on hold for a good 20 minutes before someone speaking to someone who gives me an email address via which I can submit my appeal form and backup evidence – in my case, my Ringo receipt.

I ask why the auto phone messages tell me I can appeal online yet on the website there is no way to do so – not even and email address or phone number, the girl can;t explain. Maybe I should send them a fine notice for misleading information and wasting my fucking time.

These rules that work only one way really piss me off (can you tell?!?!) – like our local council telling us our bins need to be out by 7am on collection day (in our case a Sunday), refusing to empty them if there’s something in the wrong bin (usually dumped in there by a a passer by). Fine, except in the last six weeks I can can count the number of times bins have been collected on the correct day on one hand./ One rule for them…and other for us. Just wait….

Anyway! I get some more work done and watch the snow falling. It;s getting dark too and I need a walk and some fresh air. I don a jacket, waterproof, boots, hat and cue up a podcast and off I go up the lochside. Glad of the headtorch in my pocket on the way back!  

The Petzl headtorch was ‘luxury’ purchase on Amazon a few years ago. It charges with a USB, cable and has, so far, lasted an entire winter on just one or two charges! Check it out here.

We get the fire on and some more work done. A nice booking comes in for a major UK blues festival in August which we can’t  announce quite yet.

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) artist and songwriter
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland