Margaret gave me a row for not ‘parking a card’ on the bike at Google’s DigitalGarage last week…so I did it today πŸ™‚

OFF into Glasgow again. I drop Margaret off then hit McDonalds for breakfast and wifi.

I don’t stop long, though, ‘cos I’ve got a bunch of seminars/sessions at Google’s DigitalGarage at the Mitchell Library and want to allow time to park somewhere I’m not gonna have to pay a fortune (or get a parking ticket, like I did last week!).

With a good hour to spare, I park at the top of Gardner Street – ‘the big hill’ on the border of Hyndland  and Partick where I grew up – then start walking. Within 100 yards I go over on my ankle and wonder if I should hobble back and get the car. No! Brave the damn thing and walk…it’ll hopefully do it good and stop it stiffening up.

I get to the Mitchell Library in good time, check in and have a coffee until the first session starts. It’s a good start and there’s lots of tips and tricks to note down. I find my website, although 100% mobile-friendly (good) is running pretty slow (bad) so in between this and the next seminar I make an appointment for a one-to-one session over lunch to see if the DigitalGarage folks can help me sort things out. The SEO (search engine optimisation) stuff they helped me with last week was amazing!

The second session is equally informative then I go for my one-to-one which, by co-incidence, is with the same lady I saw last week, Ekaterina. She goes through my website and the Google reports and comes up with some ideas and suggestions that I’ll try out later.

There’s time to nip out and grab a sandwich before the final session on using Google Analytics then I walk back to get the car, pick up Margaret, stop for some shopping then head for home.

I get some odds and sods of work done, then we make a big batch of breakfast patties (a combination of pork and turkey mince, rubbed sage and some seasonings…plus a wee pinch of chilli) for the freezer – a good couple of month’s supply – then I knock up dinner. Tofu with lemongrass, lime and basil.

After we’ve eaten I try a few things to speed up the website then search my web host’s site for power ups….they suggest a WordPress plug-incalled Autoptomize. I download, install and run the plug-in. Sure enough, there a big improvement in the speed test results….but later on I find my photo galleries aren;t working. I deactivate Autoptomize and bang, they’re working again…seems the plug-in was stripping or aggregating some code that was necessary to display the galleries πŸ™

…no such thing as a quick fix then. I’ll try some of Ekaterina’s suggestions tomorrow!

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland