THERE’S quite a lot to be done after breakfast. 

Margaret’s doing Mikey’s tax return and I wanna get off to Perth to put up posters for the Green Room show on Saturday 4 February.

It’s one o’clock before I leave…and the sunshine of the village soon turns to mist and freezing fog. Yuck.

I’m hungry when I stop for fuel and the only thing in the poorly stocked petrol station fridge is a Ginsters wrap which, despite my better judgement, I buy. Jeez it’s shite. As is the ‘buffet bar’ I also devour. Fills a hole tho’.

In Perth I park up and deliver posters and flyers to the venue, the tattoo shop, various taxi ranks, music shop, tourist info place…and also the record shop where I leave some CD and vinyl stock.

I stop off to see Catriona and Will on the way home and enjoy a coffee and a blether then make my way home. The dark and freezing fog mean visibility is about two feet in front of the car at best – and no point in trying full beam headlights…they just reflect back in my face.

I finally roll up home just after 7pm and we have a relaxed evening in front of the telly with a bottle of wine.

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland