Click above for some alternative Burns night listening 😉

THE hard drive archiving/coping/backup is now complete and I take the drives from the studio and stick ’em in the fire safe.

Then I run through some songs for the upcoming Scottish gigs. If we’re gonne record these shows, even just for a test, I need to try and be on top of my game. I’ve written an additional verse to one of the songs – called 1923…about my Dad – the ‘old’ final verse left things on a bit of a sad note and I want it to be more celebratory. Writing the verse was easy. Remembering the words not quite so – my head’s like fucking seive!

After lunch, my ongoing frustration with our broadband speed boils over and I follow up on some alternative options to BT. A long conversation with one provider indicates a solution may be on the horizon, but they need 40 or 50 folks up the east side of the loch to sign up to make it worthwhile. I fire out a bunch of emails and post on some local groups to see if there’s any genuine interest.

Back in the studio I go through video footage I identified yesterday and try and extract short clips/segments that might work in a new ‘intro to Dave Arcari’ video. It’s like wading through treacle, but I get some of it sorted before it’s time to go back to the house and make dinner.

With Burns Day/Night tomorrow (Wednesday) I spread a link to the McPherson’s Lament single we released last year (listen/download here) then I get on with some web updates on a site I did for a musician pal last year…

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland