An early walk up Conic Hill to this spot to film some cutaways for my new ‘intro to Dave Arcari’ video….

AS WE’D hoped, it’s a lovely clear morning, so we get our shot together and make for the hill to film some cutaways for a new ‘Intro to Dave Arcari’ video.

I haven’t been up Conic Hill for a good while, and it’s even longer since Margaret’s been up there. At least we’re not loaded with gear – although it’s tempting to lug a proper camera, tripod and stuff I decided we’d shoot with my old GoPro and the powered gimbal to keep things steady and smooth..even with filters and spare batteries, the whole lot fits in one pocket! It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

When we get to the place I want to film, I realise the wind’s a bit of an issue. I’m not keen on the ‘horizontal beard’ look. We relocate and do a few takes between gusts.

We come down the ridge, which is a steep way down and involves negotiating an ankle-deep muddy swamp before we reach the road.

Back home we have lunch and catch up with some work. A courier delivers a mic splitter and some spare cables that should have been here two days ago…they claim to have left a card. They didn’t. Then the HQ called yesterday to ask for directions to the house, despite it not being put out for re-delivery. jeez. Seems a lot of folks are incapable of doing their job these days.

I take the stuff to the studio then start editing together the live video clips and adding in today;s cutaway footage which, as it turns out, looks OK for a d-i-y job with a GoPro.

Matty arrives just after 7pm and we wander along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner….a great night of food, drink and chat…

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player
 and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland