Facebook livestream from the car…a bit cramped, but we pull it off! See the result at http://www.facebook.com/davearcarimusic

AFTER a late breakfast, Matty heads off and I get the stuff together for my 2pm Facebook livestream.

I’ve bumped my gums often about how our broadband at home;s so slow we can’t do a Facebook livestream from the house, yet a mile or two up the lochside  in the middle of nowhere – I can get a fast enough mobile signal.

Of course, it’s pishing with rain. We expected that, so my plan is to do the livestream from the car – so we’re gonna need at least one light, something to mount it on and a support for the phone/camera.

I’d planned to put the back seats down and sit on the ‘floor’ but there’s not enough headroom, so I rejig my ides and decide to sit on the back seat, with Margaret filming and relaying questions/comments from the passenger seat. Gonna be cramped.

I spend a half-hour before we venture out spreading the word about the livestream – a healthy live audience, comments and other interaction all help boost the all-imoportant traction.

The prep is worthwhile as all goes to plan and I mange not to fall out the open car door and into the loch! My whole right hand side is soaked as the wind is blowing the rain off the loch and into the car.

I play a brand new song – called 1923 – chat about the upcoming Scottish shows and Wednesday’s scheduled guest slot on STV’s Live at Five, respond to comments and chat and close with a rendition of Bring my Baby Back. You can watch the replay on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/davearcarimusic.

We’re cold and wet when we get back home and have some lunch…then I hit the studio to work on the edit of the new ‘intro to Dave Arcari’ video. I get a wee bit lost in time and dash back to the house – we’re off into Glasgow to meet a pal from New York for a drink..then we’re meeting other folks for some grub. It’s all go.

After a couple of beers at Brewdog with Siouxie and her pals we hit the Hanoi Bike Shop for ’round two’. The food is, as always, amazing but a mix up means Margaret’s main comes a good 1/2-hour after everything else…the staff are very apologetic tho’ and offer a very generous discount. We love the place, people and food and feel a bit bad complaining, but they are totally understanding.

IU’m not sure what time we roll up back home, but we’ve had a grand night out with opals old and new 🙂

First stop Brewdog – and a few drinks with our pals Siouxie and Deborah

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player
 and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland