I FEEL like I’ve been hit by a truck when I wake up (late) at Lesley’s.

A nice shower, coffee and breakfast helps, but the bottom line is either (a) I’m not match fit or (b) I’m getting too old to jump about on stage like a madman for 90-minutes at a time!

There’s a few bits of shopping to pick up on the way home then, once back, a load of work to catch up on, including a bunch of online orders. Talking of online orders a big order from a fan in the ‘states sent on 4 January still hasn’t turned up 🙁 Shoulda been there weeks ago.

Much of the gear can staying the car for tomorrow (Saturday’s) show in Perth, but the video and audio recording stuff went back into the studio when we got home.

It’s dark when I wander back to the studio and find not only did I not lock the door, but left it wide open! Lucky everything’s still in situ…and it doesn’t look like any local wildlife gone in for a shite or to shelter from the rain!

It’s getting a bit late to work on anything, but I check the hard drive that was plugged into the front-of-house mixer at last night’s gig and the card from our own multi-tracker and all the stuff seems to have been captured successfully. Whether it;s any good – or workable – in any way remains to be seen. I’ll try and get into the studio for an hour or two before we hit Perth tomorrow. 

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player
 and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland