I wander past the ruins of Buchanan Castle on my way back from the doctor’s

MARGARET drops me in the village just after 8am…I have a wee walk about and drink green tea from the travel mug I’ve taken with me. My doctor’s appointment isn’t ’til 9am.

My last lot of bloods all came back clear, so I chat with the doc and he reckons should try a few more tests so takes more blood. Just as we finish up the power goes off in the surgery.

The power’s also off at the coffee shop where I’d planned on buying a roll and sausage to chomp on as I wander home. Ah well, I won’t fade away.

Expectations of a healthier alternative when I get home are thrown out when I get home and realise there’s a nice wedge of Margaret’s apple pie left. That’ll do nicely.

Looks like it might rain, so I get some wood chopped and then clean the smoker before getting on with some work punting Friday’s show in Glasgow.

In the studio I mess with the audio files from Thursday;s Edinburgh show and match up sample rates, but the tracks still drift out of sync which is a bit of a pain. I do some test mixes of the first two or three songs that we can listen to later.

After dinner we check out one of the mixes. It’s not great, but I think it’s more down to my mixing rather than the source material. We’ll see. I’ve meetings in Glasgow tomorrow (Tuesday), so it’ll be Wednesday before I get a chance to revisit the recordings….