WE have a bit of a lie in then slowly catch up with some work over the remainder of the morning.

Once the smoker’s prepared and fired up, I get the bacon-wrapped pork loin on – only takes three or four hours, so should be ready in good time for our dinner guests tonight.

There’s some stuff to get put up in the attic and when I come back down a bracket at the top of the ladder pops out. Again. It’s never been quite right, so I gather some tools and move the fixing to a more appropriate place, hold my breath while I test it and…it works! I’ll be a DIY genius if things keep going like this!

I’d planned to get into the studio and try to re-sync some of the audio from Thursday night’s show in Edinburgh, but I’m still busy with some online stuff when Margaret reminds we we have a Skype video call scheduled with our pals in Nashville.

By the time we’re finished on Skype it;s dark outside and the gear from last night’s gig is still in the car…I drive over to the studio and unpack then get back to the house in time to set the table just as Betty and Joe arrive.

We have a relatively early night..I’ve got the doctor first thing in the morning 🙁