WE BOTH head into Glasgow early – Margaret has stuff first thing – my meeting’s not ’til lunchtime.

After I drop Margaret off I spend a couple of jours nursing a coffee in McDonalds while I get some work done courtesy of their free wifi.

We’re looking be a bit more careful with our diet and – starting next (!!!) week – cutting down on carbs and sugar as much as possible. Before making a plan we’ve decided to try out some of the carb-free alternatives and see which we like and might work. 

The BBC website recommends and OXO handheld spiraliser which makes sense to me. It’s only £12 so if we don’t like the spiralised stuff it’s no great expense. Plus it’s small and doesn’t take up worktop real estate. I park in the John Lewis’ collections area to avoid paying for parking, nip in and get the spiraliser and am back in less than half of the 20-minute maximum waiting period.

In the Chinese cash and carry I pick up a large mooli (daikon radish) – which is, apparently, good for spiralising – ginger, chillies, lemongrass, tofu and some other bits and bobs.

Luckily the courgette shortage seems to have bypassed Tesco, so I get a bunch of ’em to try making ‘zoodles’ tomorrow…tonight we’re gonna try making cauliflower rice to go with the beef and peppers in black bean sauce.

Next I catch up with pals Rab and Stephy who both need some web stuff done. Good to catch up with them – I deal with Stephy;s stuff there and then. Rab’s will need some more involved work that I’ll do from home.

I pick Margaret up in town and we head home.

The cauliflower rice – done in the oven – is surprisingly good. A low carb month might be possible!