I TRY and blast my way through the to-do list before my meeting with the council’s broadband project manager.

Having to grab the bull by the horns here as BT won’t be rolling our fibre/decent broadband to east Loch Lomond in the foreseeable.

Douglas rolls up at 11am as arranged and we chat through some ideas that, if we;re lucky, could see an alternative service offered in the area. Needs a fair bit of work though and is, at best, only a glimmerr of light at the end of the tunnel.

Once we’re done I test the spiraliser and make a bowl of spicy peanut mooli and carrot ‘noodles’. it;s hard work making it, but worth it..it’s good!

I’ve a bit of work to do revamping my pal Rab Noakes’ website and spend most of the afternoon working on it…then hit the studio for an hour or so to prepare for Friday’s show at The Hug & Pint in Glasgow.

Dinner is another spiraliser experiment. Courgette ‘zoodles’ with an avocado and brazil nut pesto. I love it, Margaret hates it. There is hope, though, she quite likes the ‘zoodles’ and there’s no reason why we couldn’t use ’em as a replacement for pasta and have a bolognese sauce instead of the avocado perto.