The cold weather doesn’t seem to bother the rhubarb bustin’ though!

AS usual there’s a big list of stuff to do before I can get on…I work my way through the tasks, stopping for breakfast midway.

In the studio I restring the guitars for tomorrow (Friday) night’s show at the Hug & Pint in Glasgow then mess about with some of the live recordings from last week. They’re not bad, but not release-worthy. I decide to try some different mics out front to record tomorrow’s show.

I’m feeling the need for some exercise and fresh air, so head out for a walk up the lochside. Kinda fallen out the habit of a daily walk, so need to try and re-establishmy routine.

There’s some video footage of Lee opening for me in Edinburgh a week ago and although it’s not the best (from a video point of view) I edit it up and lock up the studio, leaving the video to process/export overnight.

Dinner is another low-carb experiment. Black pepper tofu – leaving out the the sugar and kecap menis (a sweet soy sauce) – with cauliflower rice. Instead of roasting the cauliflower in the oven like I did the other night, I go for a the simpler microwave method. It’s much better and goes well with the strong, highly flavoured black pepper tofu. We’re both impressed.

Once we’re done eating Margaret watches telly while I finish reading The Good Guy (Kindle version here) in time for our book club night on Saturday. It’s an easy read but seems pretty pointless to me. Maybe someone will enlighten us at book club!