WE’RE pretty gubbed when we wake up, but there’s a community lunch in the village hall a mile-and-a-half away that starts at midday.

That’s a good incentive to get outta bed, even moreso ‘cos we plan to walk there and back. That should get rid of the cobwebs.

While we’re not trying to completely knock out carbs and sugar, we’re cutting down a fair bit, so instead of a bagels with patties, egg and cheese, we have scrambled egg and smoked salmon with just one slice of wholemeal toast each. It’s pretty good and a nice change.

We enjoy the walk to the hall and chat with folks over a bowl of soup and coffee then wander back home.

Once I’ve unloaded the car at the studio and started the recorded audio and video copying over the the computer I take a walk to Betty and Joe’s to try and solve a printing problem Joe mentioned earlier.

The problem isn;t so much with the printer, their wifi network has ‘disappeared’. I can’t find any reason so reset their modem/router…unfortunately, that also resets the username and password from their ISP (internet service provider). Doh! So now, not only do they have no wifi, but no internet access. Hoepfully they can get the login credentials tomorrow and I can get things back up and running.

Time’s getting on, so I head back home, make dinner and then we go back to Betty and Joe’s for book club.

A grand night is had by all…a few minutes talking about the book, a load of red wine and snacks and a good chat, some of the topics inspired by the book discussion!