WITH the live recording show coming up in less than three weeks, promo has just jumped to the top of the priority list.

Once a Facebook event is set up I spread the word a bit then get to work on poster art. I wanna do something a wee bit different for this show.

I get poster and flyer artwork for this – and March’s in-store at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr – off to the printer then make some pesto zoodles (spiralised courgette) for lunch. The low-carb effort continues!

There’s some stuff to be worked out for a guest lecture I’m doing at Perth College/UHI (University of the Highlands & Islands) next week and som toehr gig PR to be done too.

It’s pouring rain outside and I ‘d planned a walk, but there’s so many emails and other tasks needing attended to that I’ll have to wait ’til later for some fresh air.

Later turns out to be nearly 5pm…but at least the rain’s off. I load up some podcasts, pull on my boots and go. Twenty minutes later the rain starts again – and it’s getting dark – so I about turn and make my way home.

I do some work in the studio while Margaret makes dinner after which I dot between the laptop and the telly.