MARGARET’s in Glasgow all day today and asked if – at some point – I’d hoover the house.

Once the daily fire cleaning/setting, woodchopping, bin run etc I decide to tackle the hoovering before I have breakfast. Then I can get on with the day without having to remember.

The ‘five-minute-job’, of course, rends up taking an hour. Not just because I’m clumsy, more because I manage to hoover up the key for our bedroom window. The hoover bag’s full anyway, so I take it outside, attack it with a scalpel and rake through the muck ’til I find the key. phew!

There’s a lot of online promo to be done for the forthcoming live recording show (4 March) and I realise, as I go, that some of my online profiles are a bit out of date so my Music Glue and ReverbNation profiles get a bit of an update at the same time.

We’ve also been adding listings to Eventful for the last wee while, but I never claimed my ‘artist profile’, so I set that up too. All this takes me well into the afternoon when, I discover, I forgot to pay my credit card by the statement date and have incurred a charge that I can ill afford. Fuckity fuck.

I need a walk and some fresh air, so head up the lochside where, on the spur of the moment I do a wee Facebook Livestream announcement about the forthcoming live recording show.

Home in time to prepare dinner – courgette ‘zoodles’ with bolognese. I get it all ready then fire up Skype for a slide guitar masterclass I’m running at 8pm. Despite the crap internet connection, it goes good and once I’m done we relax and have dinner…