Mark and Fiona certainly know how to throw a party – we have a brilliant night in Haddington:-)

I’M PLAYING a private show tonight, so we’ll likely be eating and drinking all the wrong things – and too much of both – so we make a big, but carb-free, breakfast.

There’s a bunch of photos from yesterday’s day out at Glengoyne distillery. I go through them and put some aside for various Instagram and other social media use over the coming week. I do a wee bit extra online promo for the live recording show on 4 March just to keep things visible.

Next job is to print some set lists for tonight’s private show…I emailed the host earlier to see if there’s any stuff he particularly wants me to play and a quick reply means I can make up set lists with some of his favourites from my past few albums.

Before we head off to Haddington for the show I nip along to Betty and Joe’s and pick up their old back door canopy, We already have one over our patio doors, but I reckon this could make a good shelter for the smoker round the back.

We arrive at The Waterside where Mark – our host – has arranged for a PA to be ready and waiting, load in, soundcheck and wait for folks to arrive. I’m scheduled to play two short sets – one around 8.30pm before the food is served and one afterwards, around 10pm.

Everything goes to plan and we have a great night – Mark and Fiona are delighted and the guests are a fantastic audience.

Mark has arranged for us to stay with his friends Doug and Gail who are also at the party. Once we’ve tidied up the gear a little we get a taxi back to their place where a nightcap turns into another session – great chat and hospitality, It’s 3am when we make our way to the annexe which is our awesome home for the night.