I get posters for the live recording gig up round the local community noticeboards

I GET all my usual morning chores out the way and Dog (the cat) AKA Shitfur is lurking at the patio doors so I let him out.

Still trying to minimise the carbs, so breakfast is some blueberries and yoghurt with a passion fruit scooped on top followed by scrambled eggs with some smoked salmon trimmings. Then more coffee.

I wander past the toilet and there, on the shower mat, is a steaming big cat shite. Jeez. When did the wee bastard do that?

It’s the first time – to our knowledge anyway – the cat’s done any kinda toilet thing in the house. And I suspect he knows he’s in trouble ‘cos when I take the mat outside to fling away the dog-sized turd he’s sheepishly wandering round my feet.

Then it’s kitchen roll, disinfectant, hot soapy water and into the washing machine.

When I finally get into the office to start bring my accounts up to date the phone rings. it’s Mikey. He’s lost his passport and is off abroad in less than two weeks. No, of of course we don’t have it here! Hope it shows up tho’ as I don’t think they do these temporary ‘visitor passport’ things anymore.

A courier drops off a batch of posters and flyers I’ve had printed. Some for the live recording gig on 4 March and the rest for an in-store at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr at the end of March.

I laminate some of the local (4 March) posters that’ll be put on outdoor notice boards and, after lunch, head out on a walking circuit to stick ’em up round the area.

After putting the beef for tonight’s beef i black bean sauce in a marinade (rice wine, soy sauce and a wee drop cornflour) I head into the studio to make up some little soundbites I’m planning on using during the intro sequence for the live recording show. I also do a quick piece to camera to help promote my show at the Great British R&B Festival in Colne at the end of August.

Once it’s all done I set the video file to upload to Dropbox, head home and make the dinner.

Cauliflower rice with the beef, peppers and onion in black bean sauce. It works really well and I’m not sure anyone would know it was cauliflower if they weren’t told.

Later on there’s a quick jaunt to Betty’s where Margaret borrows a pair of wellies (don’t ask!) then we turn in for an early night.