IT’S well after 10am when we wake up in Doug and Gail’s annexe and fully appreciate the wooded garden setting of the converted stable in (sober) daylight.

Once we’ve got ourselves straightened out we go over to the house where Doug, Gail and some of their pals who were also at the party last night are drinking bloody marys in the kitchen. Neither Margaret nor myself are quite ready for alcohol (yet)…instead we have the most amazing breakfast ever…sausages, bacon, eggs, haggis, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes. Quite possibly the best cooked breakfast I’ve experienced 🙂

We hang out and chat for a while then Gail calls a taxi to get us all back into town where we pack the gear in the car and hit the road,s topping in Edinburgh for a coffee with Les (Margaret’s sister).

A message from ,my pal Martyn suggests we stop in for a coffee on our way home – it’s nearly 5pm when we pass and I’m persuaded to have a beer. We’re still a couple of miles from home and Margaret’s starting to feel the effects of the last few days. She sticks to coffee.

We have a grand ol’ chat then continue home, unpack the gear and I rustle of some bolognese zoodles. We’re in bed by 11pm!