A BUSTIN’ to-do list and I spend the morning working on some stuff to ease the G63.scot webzine out of hibernation.

Of course the content is just the start, there’s a bunch of social media sharing needed too. 

Once that’s all out the way I hit the studio to see if a wireless lav mic I’ve borrowed from my pal Martyn is a worthwhile addition to the tracking for the live album recording…clipped to the guitar or banjo, it could be a way of getting a true acoustic sound into the recording mix. 

I do a quick test and it looks like it could work! Magic. At last, one of my ‘shower ideas’ – tjhat’s where I always come up with my ‘eureka’ ideas – that looks like it might come to fruition 😉

After lunch I decide a walk is in order, but I’ve no sooner got my boots and jacket on than it starts pouring rain. Ooft. Not going out in that!

i abandon the walk and sort out the office insurance renewal and work out a technical plan for the live recording by which time the rain is off…so I get my walk 🙂

Tickets are selling well for the album recording show, but we can;t get complacent so, after dinner, I do a wee bit more promo…