Some nice press previews for next Saturday’s (4 March) show. Click the image to visit my press cuttings archive.

MARGARET’s got an appointment at the hairdresser in Glasgow at midday…and I’d like to take a poster for next Saturday’s (4 March) show to the village shop in Gartmore.

It’s a bit of a rush and I drive over the back road which is still pretty snowy. On the way back Margaret drops me on the Drymen bypass and heads for Glasgow – I walk through Drymen, drop a poster into Skoosh and carry on  my way home.

Martyn calls as I’m walking through the castle estate and suggests I drop in for a coffee if I’m passing so I stop in for a while then carry on my walk.

There’s a nice preview for the live album recording show int he Daily Record and, by chance, I find another nice piece in the Stirling Observer.

Our iPhones are getting pretty long int he tooth now – mine’s four years old and Margaret’s not much younger. After her appointment at the hairdresser, Margaret’s nipped into the Three shop (we wanna stick with them as we can use our phones and data abroad at no extra cost) – she calls to say the contracts are pretty much standard and if we want to enquire about business use/rates we need to get in  touch with Three’s business folks.

I call them up and it looks like we can save a fair bit of cash and get a much better deal…there’s a bunch of forms to go through and they need to credit check both Buzz and yours truly. I’m not sure if we’ll qualify, but if we do, it might be an affordable option.

We wander along to Betty and Joe’s in the rain – we’ve been invited for dinner and have a nice relaxed evening:-)