THE live album recording show is a week today (Saturday 4 March), so I embark on the next phase of online promo. I would like the gig to be busy, but not so packed it makes things difficult for the technical intricacies of the recording (audio and video) process.

Now the rain’s off I take the chance to climb up and check the gutters above the front door. I cleared them all out a month or two ago, but there must still be some kind of blockage as they overflow every time it rains. Turns out to be nothing more than a few leaves and some gunge caught in the chicken wire covering the downpipes.

In the studio I work on some ideas to fill in between the pre-show music over the PA and me hitting the stage. Because next Saturday;s show is being recorded I cant have any copyright music/recordings butted right up to me starting to play.

Of course time stands still in the studio and the next thing I know it’s after 6pm.

Still on the low carb mission, I spiralise some courgettes into ‘zoodles’ (zuchinni noddles – geddit?), make a pesto-like sauce and fry some chicken. Once thrown together with some sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts it works out pretty well.

We laze in front of the telly and pull up some old Scottish ‘play for today’ episodes on YouTube finally settling for Just a Boy’s Game. Just as good as I remembered it first time round.