I SEND Martyn a message to see if he’s up for a walk..we talked about it the other day but didn’t make any specific plan.

Breakfast’s out the way and Ive got a few things done when he rolls up with the dog and we drive up to the field station where I leave a poster for Saturday’s show. We decide to walk from there.

It’s absolutely pishing rain and it’s pretty swampy, muddy and wet underfoot. We walk and chat then get back to the van, Soaked through.

The fire’s lit and Margaret’s got a pot of mushroom soup on the go when we get back and dry out. We chat about my live recording show and Martyn very kindly offers to bring – and set – a couple of cameras. I was just gonna use what we have, but Martyn points out that Margaret and I will have enough on our plate without worrying about filming.

I spend the afternoon getting some work done then Mikey rolls up. He’s got an early appointment at the passport office in the morning – he can’t find his existing passport and is scheduled to go on holiday on Saturday. Margaret fills in the form for him and we take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to get the photos certified.

A couple fo glasses of wine later we wander home and I make some black pepper tofu…and cauliflower rice. Keen to see what Mikey thinks of the cauliflower as a rice substitute. He loves it!