THE start of a busy week! As soon as I’ve downed my breakfast I hit the studio.

I can’t get on with anything until I’ve plumbed the ProTools rig and computer back in after their deployment to live recording duties the other night.

There’s also a load of video, cables and other audio gear to be tidied up and sorted out.

Once done, I pull the audio tracks form the live recording into ProTools – although we hit Chem19 studio Thursday and Friday, I need to check the integrity of the recordings and be aware of anything that might not work out…three tracks (out of the 30-odd recorded) are a wee bit screwed down to some inadvertent button pressing. I’m hoping I can rescue them.

In between times I import the time-lapse video to the MacBook in the house then return to the studio while it’s all ‘processing’.

Urbancoft’s video files are all in a high-end format and I need to use some specialist software to bring them into Final Cut, the video editing software on the Mac in the studio. Problem is, my Mac OS (operating system) is a few versions out of date – not really by choice, but by necessity as Avid/ProTools versions and Mac OS versions have been consistently out of sync with each other for the last few years making what should be a simple upgrade of one or t’other a potential can of worms. So I’ve stuck with a system that works across the board.

No doubt I’ll need to do a massive upgrade of everything in a year or two, but for the moment, everything works just fine and does all I need it to (and probably more).

Although I’m still feeling pretty gubbed  from Saturday, it’s quite nice outside and I would likely benefit from a walk. I take a wander round the community notice boards and take down the posters for Saturday’s now past show.

Margaret’s at the doctor’s in the village, so we meet up there and she drives home.

I make an early dinner then we nip out to a local community council meeting which, inevitably ends up with some of us going to the pub 🙂