Catriona sneaks a yorkie from the pile Margaret’s prepared for lunch 🙂

FEELING pretty busted and broken when I stumble into the shower…but the hot and cold water and a few coffees help a little.

I’m on breakfast burritos for everyone then, once we’ve eaten I start copying over the video files form the memory cards Martyn gave me last night. I hit a snag with the reader, but when Martyn pops in later he has it fixed in a jiffy and we’re all good. A quick glance at the footage looks good, but it’ll be tomorrow before I can get a proper look – once I’ve put the studio back together.

I make a backup copy of the audio files from last night’s recording. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture anything on the wee supplementary recorder I had on stage to capture stage ambience and some audience noise. It’s not really a big issue, but I’m annoyed at myself for messing that part up.

We take a trip down to the village hall and collect the rest of the gear form last night and dump it in the studio which is now looking like a bomb site. Gonna be quite some task getting ti all back together so I can do some preliminary work on the audio and video.

Margaret’s making a special birthday lunch is advance of Catriona and Matty’s birthdays which come up later in March and while she’s busy, Catriona, Will, Matty and I head out for a a walk

Food’s ready when we get back and Margaret’s roast and all the trimmings is awesome.

Everyone heads off late afternoon and I spend a while catching up on stuff – finally getting my blog done and various thank-yous to folks for making last night;s show so special, especially Urbancroft for the filming.

I check the audio files form last night which are, on the face of it, OK and we confirm Thursday and Friday’s studio booking with Paul at Chem19 to work on some mixes. The only issue – apart from me messing up with the ‘on-stage’ recorder – is that some of the audio – when the stomp and guitar amp were being used at the same time has been lumped together making a couple tracks virtually unusable. It;s only two tracks out of thirty-odd and we might be able to do something to rescue them in the studio.

We grab the left-over pavlova and a bottle of red and wander along to see Betty and Joe’s where we chat over a couple of drinks then make out way home for a snack (we’re still full after our big lunch!) and an early night.