Paul working his magic on my live recordings from Saturday night 🙂

OOOFFT…musta drunk too much at Betty and Joe’s last night!

We’re on our way to Chem19 studios by 9am and stop at McDonalds in Govan en route for breakfast. No carb-free day for us today.

Paul’s ready and waiting when we roll up and we have a coffee and chat while the audio from Saturday night’s show copies over into a new ProTools session.

We spend the first few hours setting up a generic session for the tracks and get the first two mixed down to stereo by lunchtime…and a trip to the catering van along the road.

The afternoon is spent mixing, chatting, listening and drinking coffee and soon after 8pm we have 15 tracks mixed. All sounding great other than one which I knew was going to be a problem because of some track routing problems…there’s a couple more like that on tomorrow’s list and, if I want these tracks, we’re gonna have to use recordings from the Hug & Pint show in Glasgow. I’d prefer everything was from one gig – and it looks like we have plenty tracks form Buchanan Memorial Hall. We’ll work it all out I’m sure.

We stop at an M&S petrol station on the way home and pick up some snacks. At home we have a drink, eat and head to bed.