One of the rescued amphibians…still got the third degree from the polis tho’!

THERE’S a  bit of a carry on this morning – Margaret’s meant to be in Glasgow by 9am but is caught up trying to sort out Mikey’s broken wrist and travel insurance.

She;s already late leaving when she gets int eh dar and finds the coolant light on the dash saying ‘don’t drive’!

We fill up the coolant and off she goes, only to phone five minutes later when she hits the village. The light is back on. So she buys a load of water from the shop and heads to Glasgow…and I call the garage in Maryhill to see if she can drop the car there.

Meantime, I spend some time on the phone to Three transferring my ‘old’ mobile number to the new business phone. It;s a bit of a carry on, but we eventually get it all sorted/ 

All good, until Margaret calls me to say she’s left her phone in the taxi taking her from the garage to her destination. Thank goodness for ‘find my phone’ – I lock the phone and she calls the taxi company.

Meantime, I have a meeting about a couple of web and photo jobs…we’re through by lunchtime…by which time Margaret has her phone back.

I finally get into the studio and gather ball the sound files and stuff I need for tomorrow’s (and Friday’s) mixing sessions at Chem19.

Betty pops round with some artwork that we need to figure a way to digitise for  a local project. The artwork’s needing a bit of work, so I decide best way forward is to recreate it, so I spend the next few hours doing that. Then it’s dinner time. Bolognese with ‘zoodles’.

Once we’ve eaten and caught up with some work we head along to Betty and Joe’s with my ‘clean’ version of the artwork. There’s some other local pals there and we have a few drinks and chat until the wee hours.

Walking back home, we find loads of toads on the road  each one is carried carefully to safety. Just as we get to bottom of the drive – where we save two locked in,,,,erm,..passionate embrace – a police car stops to find out where we’re going and where we’ve been. While it’s quite reassuring in a way, we’re amused that residents aged  60+ and 50+ walking along the road saving some some toads are given the third degree. Hats of to them… 🙂