Back in Chem19 with Paul Savage – this time to master the tracks for the CD and vinyl formats of the forthcoming live album

THE now familiar early morning drive to Chem19 studios in Blantyre is broken with a stop at McDonalds in Balloch to grab some breakfast.

Today we’re mastering the live tracks with Paul at the studio. Our target is to get the DDP (disc description protocol) file ready for CD duplication and also prepare .wav files for each side of vinyl to be produced.

Paul has his work cut out for him, for not only is he mastering the audio and preparing all the files, we also need to top and tail the individual tracks and get rid of a lot of inter-song chat to make sure they sit together cohesively and fit the [proposed time limits of the CD and vinyl formats. Of course, it’s important to have some of the chat/stories between songs but it is secondary to the music. I think.

With just one break for lunch, we plough through the stuff and Paul does an amazing job. Granted, it’s not gonna be cheap, but it’s probably less expensive than many mastering services and it would have been an impossible job for a mastering engineer without the knowledge of the project that Paul’s built over the last few days.

It’s after 10pm when we get home and have some dinner, a dram, and head to bed.