WE were so involved with the mixing, track selection and mastering for the live album project that I hadn’t had time to put together my recommendations and action plan for last week’s music consultancy client.

I did make a wee start on it in the studio on Monday, but it needs finished and sent over to my client today. While working on it I listen through the mastered file for the live album CD production to check for any glitches or whatever. 

The electricity folks (SSE Hydro) call to follow up a letter they sent following my complaint the other week. They’ve acknowledged their renewal info isn’t clear and gives a whole load of info and small print other than what folks really need to know to make an informed decision to renew their contract. The letter also clarifies things and I feel I;ve made my point and it’s been taken on board. I renew our contract.

All is complete and sent off by lunchtime then I need to tidy up a pile of papers, amongst which lurk a load of receipts to go through the books. My accounts and related paraphernalia are spread all over all available desk space and really need sported. Not now, though – Fiona’s coming with a hard drive to pick up the video I transferred from VHS to computer files. 

The drive’s formatted for Windows NT tho’ and it won’t let me write files. There’s a load of stuff on the drive so rather than reformat and loose it I set it copy onto another hard drive – we have a coffee and a chat, but the copying is going to take another hour…then the same to copy it all back after reformatting her drive. We decide it’s better for me to drop it off later than sit watching it copy.

While the copying chugs away, I get some more work done then, once done, take a walk along the road and drop off the hard drive.

It’s 9pm by the time we have dinner and we have a chance to relax a little.