I spend the morning on a photojob with a nice bunch of walkers

I GET all my photo gear ready and head for the 9am bus to Gartocharn where I’m meeting a group of ramblers and walkers to take some photos for the Mountains & the People project.

My brief is fairly loose – they’ve just asked me to get some fairly candid images of the walkers over a two-hour or so walk. Of course it’s pishing rain which doesn’t make life easy.

It’s a nice walk tho’ – and a good bunch of folks. By midday we’re back at the starting point and I go for a coffee – my bus back isn’t for another hour or so.

There’s a lot of images to go through when I get home and it takes me a while to do the first sift and then tidy up some of the images that have made the final selection.

We’ve got pals coming for the night tomorrow and I’m planning to smoke a bacon lattice-wrapped pork loin. Weaving the bacon lattice is always a bit of a carry on, then I add some of my ‘Memphis dust’ rub and parcel the thing up before putting it in the fridge to sit overnight.

Betty’s invited us and some other pals along for some dinner – I’ve got a Skype guitar student at 8pm, so Margaret goes along early and I run along once I’m done.

There’s  more pizza than you can shake a stick at and we have a grand night catching up with our friends 🙂