THE PHOTOS from yesterday (Thursday) were meant to be sending via wetransfer overnight but the computer says they’re on 9% uploaded. Jeez. Crap upload speed.

I’m getting lots of social media shares and retweets about the guitars and stuff I need to sell to help pay for the the live album manufacturing, but no interest in buying 🙁

There’s a couple more avenues to look at and consider so I get various emails sent out with tentative enquiries. A few folks have suggested crowdfunding but I;m really not keen on going down that route. 

Nevertheless, I do a bit of research so if push comes to shove I can make an informed decision.

It’s pouring with rain outside and I need to get the smoker fired up for the pork loin. The gazebo came to a grisly end at Christmas so I rig up the parasol then go indoors for lunch. Twice I have to run outside and chase the parasol over the fence…then I tie it down with makeshift guy ropes and it thankfully stays put until the charcoal’s lit

After two or three attempts, the photo upload via wetransfer still hasn’t worked so I drag the folders to my Dropbox which will hopefully cope with the upload better.

John and Maggi roll up just after 7.30pm. We haven’t seen them in a while so there’s lots of catching up to do.It;’s nearly 4am when John and I turn in.