UH-OH…looks like I overdid the whisky last night or, should I say, this morning.

Still, everyone’s on good form and Margret knocks up a splendid breakfast.

We drink coffee and chat then Maggi and John get ready to go – but not before I twist John’s arm to let me set up his car’s fancy electronic system to work with his iPhone.

We tidy up and I clean out the smoker and catch up on the stuff I should’ve done first thing this morning then watch the end of the Wales v France rugby. Think I must’ve dozed off ‘cos the next thing I know the rugby’s over and Betty’s at the door…we forego coffee in favour of  drink…

Later on we have some leftover smoked pork for dinner and watch a film about Stevie Ray Vaughan – Rise Of A Texas Bluesman: 1954-1983 – on Amazon Prime…then it’s Margaret’s turn to fall asleep!