Click above to watch the Facebook Livestream 🙂

WE’RE having a coffee in bed and Margaret notices a 4G service briefly showing up on her phone.

I switch wifi off on mine and sure enough, looks like there’s a 4G signal, albeit only one bar. I go outside to cop some wood, feed the birds, sort the bins and the other morning routine jobs and check my phone again. There’s two bars of 4G outside. I try connecting to Facebook live and it’s going to allow me to go live!

We decide to do a test stream at 4pm and I spread the word. It;’l be quite a turn up for the books if it works.

Meantime, I do some online promo for some upcoming shows, including next Sunday’s (26 March) in-store at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr.

I’m keen to up the production and presentation of the Facebook livestreams and intend to use OBS software to run/manage the broadcasts from the computer rather than a phone – that way we can broadcast in a landscape (rather than portrait) format, add captions/logos, use better cameras and microphones and also incorporate previously recorded video, images and all sorts into the livestreams.

Off course, our home broadband isn;t fast enough to allow a livestream connection. The first task is to try using the iPhone’s ‘personal hotspot’ data connection…but the connection uses wifi and bluetooth…I try the alternative USB connection and get it to work. First hurdle overcome.

I figure out all the OBS settings and copy the required Facebook codes and keys and try a test…but Facebook won’t preview my test stream and the screen says ‘offline’. I do some online research and it seems I’m doing everything by the book. Time’s pressing on now, so I abandon that idea and we set up the stream using just an iPhone as usual.

The stream works and appears to go well – at least from a technical point of view – and there’s lots of great interaction with folks watching. Encouraging initial reach and viewing stats too 🙂

Once I’ve done the necessary ‘post livestream’ post updates and sharing to help increase traction we go out for a wee walk up the lochside, stopping in to see Betty and Joe on the way back.

A few glasses of wine and lots of chat later we wander home in the dark, have dinner and chill for a while before an early-ish night.