No escaping the rain when I head out for some fresh air…

WE’RE up bright and early – unfortunately the internet isn’t and our broadband is so slow it’s virtually useless.

So our first Buzz meeting in a while is not driven by our Asana project boards and task lists. Mind you that’s not really an issue – our main focus is on how we can get this new album manufactured and out there and , if so, where and when the supporting live shows should be.

Of course, our main issue is how we fund the vinyl pressing and CD duplication. Time ain’t on our side as I really need this album to be out in August…bank loan? I probably won’t qualify and even if I did, I’d get stressed over selling enough vinyl/CDs to meet the monthly payments. Pre-sales and initial orders would make the first few months plain sailing but it’s anyone’s guess after that! Past sales data indicates it should be a breeze  but the times they are-a-changing.

Third party support remains a slight possibility, but I’m not holding my breath and I’m not keen on crowdfunding…although if I build it into my website and side-step the middle-men it might be a go-er…and I’m pretty anti-offering it to any other record labels to put out.

But it must be released. We discuss things and come up with a few more ideas…we’ll see if they materialise.

After all this I’m not feeling much like tackling my account, but I force myself into the office and get busy. I make progress then take a walk in the rain and grab a few snaps of Memorial Hall that I may use as a basis for some artwork.

Back home I get on with the fundraising ideas, stopping to make some spiralised courgette ‘zoodles’ with pesto chicken..then finally shutting up shop at 1am. That’s rock’n’roll for ya.