A TRIP into Glasgow early for some appointments then I go and get some shopping.

It’s a weird day – sunshine one minute, then rain – or snow – the next.

I get the shopping, pick up Margaret and we head home. Mikey’s coming this evening for a couple of nights so we need to jiggle plans a little and then I get some stuff done once we’re home.

The service – Clef –  I use for the two-factor authentication/security I use to secure some of my website has been bought over and the service being phased out over the next couple of months, so I need to find an alternative.

Weird standalone tower in Ruchill

There’s a few to choose from. After a bit of research and a ‘needs analysis’ I go for a solution from Unloq

Installing and setting it up is a bit of a fuddle involving some server-side installations and configuration but eventually I get there…the iPhone app that works in conjunction with it all is a bit easier. I’m kinda terrified I lock myself out my website, but all’s good. First impressions are positive. We’ll see over the next few days!

Meantime, Margaret’s been off to pick up Mikey in Stirling. I make some dinner when they get back and we chat a while before bed.