ON a mission today, so as soon as the routine tasks are out the way I head to the studio to work on album artwork ideas.

I’ve got two ‘front cover’ ideas. One is a live shot, which would make sense – and the other is something based around Memorial Hall, the venue for the recorded show.

Time stands still when I get engrossed in this kinda job and, aside for a break for lunch and some last minute promo for Sunday afternoon’s in-store show at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr, I’m at it ’til it’s time to make dinner. 

Margaret likes my artwork based on the hall, but I;m not convinced it’s ‘album cover material’. I do some work on lettering ideas, but I suspect it;s gonna be back to the drawing board. Literally.

After we eat we take a bottle of red along to Betty and Joe’s where we catch up on our respective week’s activities and then wander home.