In-store at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr. Pic: Alistair Mulhearn

CATRIONA heads off after breakfast and I head to the studio to pack the guitars and stuff for this afternoon’s in-store in Ayr.

We’re on the road soon after 11am and loading-in at Big Sparra Vinyl by 1pm…an hour to go ’til showtime.

Scott’s setting up a wee PA system and we chat with shop owner Ian while getting ready. As 2pm approached there’s a good wee crowd gathering and when i kick off a few minutes later the place is crammed with folks, including our photographer pal Alistair Mulhearn.

We have a great time, pack up and go for an ice cream before picking up some shopping and heading for home.

While Margaret makes dinner I get a wee story and picture gallery from yesterday’s community lunch up on the website.

Once we’ve eaten we wander along to Betty and Joe’s to chat about a wee project and enjoy a wee drink and a blether.