FIRST job of the day is to tidy up the logo design for the East Loch Lomond Community Trust and send it off for approval.

The final artwork will take a while, so I wanna make sure there’s no changes before I start.

Last night’s photos are looking pretty good and I spend a while going through them and messing about to see if, and how, they could fit the design for the forthcoming live alum artwork.

My pal Duncan – who looks after MCPS in Scotland – calls…I couldn’t get him during the day yesterday, but when he called me I related my take of woe dealing with the MCPS folks in London about setting up an AP2 licence exclusion for Buzz Records so I don’t have to play royalties for my own songs on manufactured product (ie: CDs and vinyl). Turns out the exclusion is already set up! That’s great news, but doesn’t stop me being furious at being told by the London staff that it wasn’t set up and the subsequent waste of two hours’  time yesterday, let alone instructing a completely unnecessary letter from the bank.

There’s a fair bit of activity around the Lowden guitar I have for sale on Gumtree. No interest or enquiries for nearly a year then a load at once. I guess the price reduction has helped! Looks like a prospective buyer is coming up from Lancashire tomorrow 🙂

In the studio I record a couple of radio idents for The Great British Rythym & Blues Festival I’m playing later in the year. I realise that being able  – and having the facilities – to take my own photos, create artwork, produce video, do my own PR/media, develop websites and record/produce audio is vital to what we do. Any prospective full-time musician/artist should ensure they equip themselves with these skills. Not only does it save (a helluva lot of) money, but it allows you to respond to opportunities and create content quickly.

It’s after 9pm when we  have dinner and chill for a while before bed.