THE to-do list suggests I should be trying to finish my accounts and make some progress with artwork for the live album.

But a load of things come in through the morning then I need to prepare my eNewsletter to go out to my mail list tomorrow (first of the month). I send it out to the press, radio,  TV and other media lists immediately. I reckon a Friday afternoon is better than Saturday morning for them to get news!

There’s also a bunch of gigs to go on my website and other online listings so I make a start on that before getting the smoker ready for tonight’s bacon-wrapped pork loin.

For some reason I decide to go live on Facebook while putting it all together which is a bit of fun. You can see the video on replay on my Facebook page.

There’s more stuff deal with once I’ve got the pork on, so it looks like the artwork and accounts are gonna have to wait…I gotta get some soup ready as well. Once Margaret made the apple pie I get the run of the kitchen.

Duncan and Irene roll up just after 7pm and we have a grand night catching up..haven’t seen them in ages.