Breakfast…and our first al fresco meal of the year 🙂

IT’S looking lovely outside and we have breakfast in the garden…our first al fresco meal of the 2017.

After I’ve pulled up some weed and cleaned the smoker I head indoors and start registering the live album tracks with PPL which, all going to plan, should also send the info over to PRS/MCPS for my AP2 manufacturing licences.

At the same time I set all the track break times for the vinyl release…things ain;t so easy with a live album as there’s no ‘breaks’ or silence between tracks.

It takes all day – well, what’s left of it after our late rise.

I’ve a note in the diary to go and take  more exterior photos of the hall where the album was recorded. I consult the photgraphers’ ephemeris and find sunset is at 7.54pm. I gather my gear and head along early ‘cos I’ll need to move the bins and some stuff out of shot. Luckily there’s nothing in the car park and it looks like the hall’s not being used tonight.

I take multi-exposures in portrait and landscape orientations then realise things would look much better if the lights were on inside the hall. A quick phone call and drive up the road to pick up a key and we’re in business.

Margaret’s choked with the cold and feeling miserable, so when I get back we have dinner and a quiet night in front of the telly.

The hall’s looking good tonight….might use some of my shots in the live album artwork