Lovely landscape for a walk…until you head off piste!

I ENJOY a huge breakfast in preparation for going a walk with Martyn.

Margaret drives us to Carbeth, but we stop short, deciding to get out at the Queen’s View car park and rerouting  our planned walk to take in the Whangie.

After the climb, we realise we’re gonna have to go off piste and make our way down the slope, though the heather and bog heading – as the crow flies – toward Duncryne at our destination – Gartocharn. It’s hard going through the boggy heather and we come a cropper time after time when a hole or ditch swallows our feet or sometimes legs.

From the path you’d never suspect it’d be such tough going and you;d think we’d never learned from past experience! We do a Facebook livestream to broadcast our surroundings.

There’s a fair number of high deer fences to negotiate, not helped by barbed wire in the middle and we’re aching by the time we hit our biggest hurdle of the walk…a steep ravine with a fast flowing river at the bottom.

We scramble down and splash our way through the river (our feet and legs are socked anyway) then try and find a way up the almost vertical, rocky side of the ravine. This is pushing it a bit for me…and I’m concerned it’s a bit too dangerous to attempt the climb, but it’s the only way out! Somehow we make it to the top with the help of some bits of tree and the odd wee ledge and after half a mile or so more of rough ground we hit a forestry track. Ahhh, just a few more miles to go 🙂

Walking on tarmac is like floating on air after our off piste adventure.

Louise picks us up in Gartocharn and drives us back to their place where we have a big bowl of soup, beer and a wee dram to help us recuperate before driving me home.

Margaret’s on the couch feeling poorly and when I get out the shower I’m not feeling much like doing any work. Needless to say we veg on the couch for the rest of the night, thankful for the leftover smoked pork in the fridge which makes for an easy dinner.

Uh-oh..this is tougher than we expected. We never learn…

…and the reward…a beer and a wee dram 🙂