WE sleep in a bit and I’m aching all over after yesterday’s off-piste adventure. Feels like I have no feet and am walking on bone!

Margaret’s got a doc’s appointment first thing then we have our first ‘Buzz meeting’ in ages. A lot to go over. I;m getting a little distraught as already half the money from the guitar sale has bean eaten up with bills rather than going towards the CD/vinyl manufacturing for the new album.

The meeting highlights so many key things that we’ve not done which makes me angsty as well. Spending too much time on stuff that’s not a priority or mission critical. Not the wisest time allocation when we’re skint and up against so many deadlines. Think it’s a sign of stress when this angst/panic sets in and you don’t know where to start because ‘everything’ is suddenly a priority and there’s no time.

To add insult to insult our broadband has not only slowed to snail”s pace, but seems to be coming to a complete stop every few minutes. Restarting the modem and router doesn’t help. Must be BT. Then the bluddy email servers start playing funny buggers. Always just when you’re up against it. Oh, wait a minute, we’re up against it all the time!

Anyway, like eating an elephant, a bit at a time….

Album artwork’s a priority as is trying to juggle available funds (not much) and our budgets…I really would like to have got one of these jobs – the CD or vinyl manufacturing – through the books before my financial year end which is tomorrow (Tuesday).

There’s a lot to sort out tho. Wondering if I can put in the order tomorrow and supply the parts (ie: audio ,masters, artwork etc) later in the week?

The vinyl has to take priority as it has the longest and volatile turnaround. I’ve had a chance of mind about which images should go where on the package and get to work, giving Margaret a shout every so often so she can cast an eye over it and give me her thoughts. I can be pretty awkward in these moments and she does well not to tell me to fuck off and make my own mind up.

It;s nearly 9pm when I decide enough is enough for one day and go and make the dinner….green curry with tofu. Then bed.